How you can help

The work of the Akong Rinpoche Foundation relies entirely on the charitable donations of our members and supporters.

There are many ways in which you can support the Foundation’s work. Your help makes a big difference in our efforts to support the people of Northern India, Nepal and Tibetan areas of China.


A.  Join Akong Rinpoche Foundation

  • Become a member of Akong Rinpoche Foundation for just £15 a year in the UK or £20 overseas.


B.  Make a donation to Akong Rinpoche Foundation

  • Make a one-off donation to Akong Rinpoche Foundation:
  • Become a regular Donor by setting up a Banker’s Order
  • Become a Sponsor of an individual or a project

If you are a UK taxpayer, remember to complete a Gift Aid declaration to enable us to reclaim the tax you’ve already paid on your donation.


Bank Details:

Akong Rinpoche Foundation
Royal Bank of Scotland

Sortcode: 83-1919
Account Number: 00202706

IBAN: GB77 RBOS8319 1900 2027 06


C.  Fundraise for Akong Rinpoche Foundation

  • You can fundraise for Akong Rinpoche Foundation by running a marathon, organising a sponsored concert, or anything in-between.


D.  Volunteer to Help Akong Rinpoche Foundation

Are you looking for a challenge to satisfy your thirst to help other less fortunate people. Would you like to actively donate your time to a good cause with the knowledge that your help is urgently needed? Then lend us a hand — we need you! Become a Volunteer to help in the office or at an event, or to organise or assist at fundraising events. Contact Jigme at for more details.


E.  Wills and Testaments

Provide for people in need by including them in your will!

With a testament, inheritance contract, or a will, you can ensure that your assets and possessions are used after your death in a manner you deem appropriate. You can state that a portion of your assets be donated to charity.

This allows you — while you are still alive — to have the peace of mind that your hard-earned assets will one day be used for a GOOD CAUSE — namely to provide for needy orphans and highly disadvantaged people, in the long term, in the Tibetan areas of China, Nepal or Northern India. 

As a charitable organization, Akong Rinpoche Foundation does not have to pay any inheritance taxes. Hence, bequeathing your assets and possessions to Akong Rinpoche Foundation means that every penny will go towards charitable purposes.


Next Steps

For more information on making long-term arrangements for your assets, please email Jigme:

Thank you very much!



Helping us to help those in need