Karma Jigme Namgyal Tarap ~ Founder and Director


Jigme Tarap is Akong Rinpoche’s oldest son.  From an early age Jigme knew that he was destined to follow a path of helping other less fortunate people, like his father had.

Having traveled extensively from an early age with his father and latterly in Tibetan area of China, Jigme saw how young, old, poor and disabled people would come to see his father for help or advice. Seeing this suffering, Jigme decided to dedicate his life to help other less fortunate people.

The foundation is a way for Akong Rinpoche’s family to make sense of the loss of a husband, father and grandfather. It’s also a way for the family to carry on his legacy and all work is dedicated to the memory of a caring loving father who dedicated his life to help others.

Having gained an Honors degree in Business Administration Jigme has worked for an number of international charities including ROKPA International in Nepal and Tibet.







Helping us to help those in need