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Tenzin Lahbu

Tenzin Lahbu

Tenzin Lahbu is 10 years old and comes from Dekey Ling Tibetan Camp, Dehra Dun. He attends year 5 at Tibetan Homes School in Missouri and was accepted as a boarder 2 years ago.

His family is very poor and his mother is unable to work full-time due to being epileptic.  When she can work she sells clothing in a local market.

Without Akong Rinpoche Foundation’s help to pay for his school fees he would have to go to work to help his family.  He enjoys school and in his spare time enjoys reading story books and playing football.


Lunch for 75 old people living in Tibetan Homes Foundation in Rajpur

For the last 2 years the Akong Rinpoche Foundation has been sponsoring an annual Picnic and Pilgrimage tour for the elderly of Dekey Ling Tibetan settlement.  In 2015 there was 75 elderly people who attended the picnic and Pilgrimage tour.

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It has also as providing everyday living expenses for the most needy, who do not receive any pensions or financial support. Currently the Akong Rinpoche Foundation supports 5 elderly people for their everyday living expenses at around £100 per  person per year.

Popo Kunsang

popo kunzang

Popo Kunsang 83 years old and lives in a nursing home in Rajpur. He only has one son who is a monk and unable to provide for him. For the last 2 years Akong Rinpoche Foundation has been supporting him for his daily living expenses.

Emergency Assistance

Popo Pema

popo pema

Popo Pema is 75 years old and lived in a nursing home in Dekey ling. In February 2015 he had a stroke and a brain hemorrhage causing paralysis down the left side of his body. The Akong Rinpoche Foundation supported Popo Pema with his medical expenses. This included his medication and his stay in hospital.


wandak 2   wandak 1    

Wagdak la is 79 years old and lives in Dharamsala. He urgently needed a knee operation in 2014, as he was unable to walk and in constant pain. The Akong Rinpoche Foundation paid for his knee operation and all his medical expenses.

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