Our Aims

Charitable Aims



The aims of the Akong Rinpoche Foundation are to:

1. To provide humanitarian and educational aid in India, Nepal and Tibetan areas of China.

2. To provide financial support for buddhist monasteries in Tibetan areas of China which will improve the living conditions of monks, nuns and lay people by covering day-to-day living expenses, rebuilding the existing buildings and where needed constructing new buildings.

3. To improve the lives of the local population with new business ventures.

4. To provide financial support for those unable to pay for their medical expenses.

5. To support orphans and children from deprived backgrounds by providing education and living expenses.

6. To preserve Tibetan culture by funding Tibetan teachers in schools in Tibetan areas of China and to support the re-building and building of buddhist statues and stupas.

Our Aims for Drolma Lhakang

1. To establish new nunneries

2. To establish homes for the elderly

3. To establish Health care projects

4. To establish orphanages and schools, and

5. To provide living expenses for the monks and nuns


Helping us to help those in need